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Doña Paula’s wines are produced in estate vineyards nestled at the foot of the Andes Mountains where the altitude ranges from 3,200 - 5,600 feet above sea level. Doña Paula tasked Curate & Co. to produce a social media, influencer, and public relations campaign spotlighting these high altitude growing conditions and their core product: Doña Paula Estate Malbec.

Rooted in the idea that art comes in many forms, Curate & Co. hand-selected artists with distinct backgrounds to tell the story of Doña Paula’s high altitude wines.


Throughout the campaign, each artist shared the meaning of altitude in their own craft and their experience with Doña Paula’s wine, drawing a parallel to winemaking as another form of art. Curate & Co. secured actress Camilla Belle to represent the brand and star in a series of six branded videos.

In addition to this, Curate & Co. secured brand partnerships with celebrity Chef Fernando Trocca, DJ Alix Brown, Model and Fashion Designer Sofia Sanchez de Betak, and renowned florist Taylor Patterson to create authentic campaign content.


To debut the campaign to top-tier media and influencers –

Curate & Co. partnered with Argentina based Chef Fernando Trocca and Brooklyn based Chef Norberto Piattoni to craft an Argentinian-inspired dinner paired with Doña Paula’s high altitude wines. Hosted by actress Camilla Belle, each of Doña Paula’s artist partners added a unique touch to the evening.


Everything from the curated music and florals to the Argentine asado, created a unique branded experience for event attendees. Following the event Curate & Co. secured campaign coverage in reputable lifestyle publications including articles featured in InStyle, Gotham Magazine, and OK Magazine.


Photo by Jenna Bascom and Jordan Zobrist. Video filmed by ETCetera Entertainment.


The Results


80 million

Earned Media Impressions



Video Views



U.S. Consumer Engagements


8 Million

Unique Consumers Reached on Social Media